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Planning a funeral comes with it much uncertainty, pressure, and stress. We want to do the best to honour our loved ones, but in such a short window, there isn’t enough time to make the sound decisions we would like.

In an effort to ease some of that stress, our mission is to connect you with insightful articles from around the internet. Our site will showcase new trends in the funeral planning industry how to set up a Final Needs Plan and some advice when dealing with great emotional stress. – 5 Things To Do the Moment a Loved One Passes Away

You might not be thinking about the practical tasks that need to be accomplished as soon as possible, but these steps are critical to safeguard an estate and ensure that it is passed down as smoothly as possible.

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final documents – How to Protect Yourself from Lawsuits

These strategies can help keep your assets safe if you wind up in court.

Read more of this Article here. – Don’t Let Divorce Derail Retirement Plans

Divorce is never easy, but the divorce of a long-married couple can be especially hard, particularly when it comes to retirement and estate plans.

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funeral alternativesGlobal News – Don’t Want to be Buried or Cremated? Here are 5 Alternatives!

As life moves so quickly, people are often thinking about new ways of living, if it be new adventures or experiences. But what most people don’t think about is new ways of being buried.
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Green BurialNew York Times – Thinking About a Green Funeral? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A typical funeral usually involves a few hallmarks we’ve come to expect: an expensive coffin, lots of flowers, an embalming for the deceased and a number of other add-ons.
But how necessary are those embellishments? Enter the “green burial.”

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Estate – Why We Procrastinate About Estate Planning.

Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t participated in any meaningful estate planning. Most will readily admit it is something they need to do, but they keep putting it off. Why?

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Funeral FundingFinal Needs Planning – Elephas Group – Funeral Funding vs Life Insurance

While Funeral Funding and Life Insurance products have similar outcomes, they don’t offer the same benefits.  Both products are important to have as they serve different purposes.
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Toronto CTV News  Organ and Tissue Donations are Increasing in Ontario, but so is the Waiting List

TORONTO — The Trillium Gift of Life Network says the number of organ and tissue donations in Ontario are increasing, though the transplant waiting list also grew last year.

The province’s organ and tissue donation and transplant agency says there were 2,413 tissue donors in 2018, an increase of 85 per cent over the last decade.  Read more about this here.

Pre Plan FuneralHuffington Post – Here’s Why and How to Plan Your Own Funeral

Taking the time to plan your funeral can save time and stress for grieving family members, and give you the chance to personalize your celebration of life.
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Pension PlanYahoo Finance – Sears Retirees Wait to Learn Fate of Their Pensions

Sears Retirees wait to learn the fate of their pensions and wonder where the money went.   Read more about this here.

Final Needs Planning, Funeral Insurance, Funeral Arrangement Final Needs Planning – Funeral Arrangement, Funeral Insurance, Final Needs Planning Helps Families Plan for the Future.

Funeral Arrangement, Funeral Insurance, Final Needs Planning helps families plan for the future. Protect your family today.  Contact Us to schedule your FREE information meeting.

Funeral Planning, Pre Plan FuneralFinal Needs Planning – How Do You Pre Plan a Funeral?

Planning for a funeral is a difficult process for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Pre-planning can help to make the process a little easier.   Find out more here.

cremation ashesNational Post – What Do Our Ashes Really Mean To Us?

To some people, ashes are sacred, the physical embodiment of our inextinguishable spirits. Others think of them, at best, as a kind of meaningless soot.
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funeral traditions
Elephas Group – Final Needs Planning – Interesting Funeral Traditions Around the World

Death is inevitable. However, the traditional, all black, casket funerals we have grown accustomed to, doesn’t have to be. Memorial services are an age-old tradition around the world however, these ceremonies vary from country to country and no two services are alike.
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cemetery photoAmy Johnson Crow – 5 Photos You Should Be Taking at the Cemetery

It’s sad — and rather frustrating — to go to a cemetery, take some photos, and realize when you get home that those photos don’t really help you. (It’s especially frustrating when you’re not able to get back to take more photos.) To help ease the frustration, here are 5 cemetery photos that you should get in the habit of taking.
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private funeral, funeral planningElephas Group – Pros and Cons of Planning Private Funerals

When debating the choices between hosting a private funeral, one should understand how that decision may affect both ourselves and others.
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funeral etiquetteElephas Group – Funeral Attending Etiquette

The following funeral etiquette tips serve as an extension of our mission to helping families grieve.
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memorialsElephas Group – Six Powerful Ways to Remember Our Loved Ones

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” Here are 6 powerful ways to remember loved ones.
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travel protection planFinal Needs Planning – Your Passport To Peace Of Mind – Our Travel Protection Plan

If a death should occur while out of the country or just out of town, The Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan, offered by the Final Needs Planning Program, takes care of all the expenses. Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

patient benefit planElephas Group – Our PharmaCard is a completely free supplemental Patient Benefit Plan

Elephas Group allows you to receive the brand-name medications and healthcare products prescribed by your physician at an equal, or similar price to the generic alternative(s). Read more of this Elephas Group Article here.

funeral arrangements, funeral insuranceElephas Group – Final Needs Planning Program™

As Ontario’s premier funeral plan provider, the Elephas Group is excited to announce the launch of our new Final Needs Planning Program™.
Read more about The Elephas Group Final Needs Planning Program here.

green funeral Final Needs Planning – Is the Green Funeral the Latest Funeral Trend?

A Green Funeral, involves the disposition of the dead with minimal environmental impact. Is this the latest Canadian trend? Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

Canadian Pension PlanFinal Needs Planning – Can Canadians Rely On The CPP to Cover Funeral Expenses?

Recently, there have been some changes to the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) that we believe every Canadian should be made aware of. Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

final documents serviceFinal Needs Planning – What Is A Final Documents Service?

Unlock the benefits of our Aftercare Document Preparation Service (FDS). What happens after we die? Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

burial or cremationFinal Needs Planning – Should I Choose Burial Or Cremation?

Burial or cremation? Which option speaks to you? Each option can be done in a multitude of different ways. Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

funeral arrangementsFinal Needs Planning – Debunking The Myths Of Making Advanced Funeral Arrangements

How familiar are you with the concept of funeral pre planning? We break down common misconceptions about funeral insurance. Read more of this Final Needs Planning Article here.

final expense insuranceElephas Group – How Do I Know Final Expense Insurance Is Right for Me?

If you’re unsure if funeral expense insurance is for you or not, consider why others have decided to take advantage of the benefits our program offers. Read more of this Elephas Group Article here.

monument servicesElephas Group – How to Choose an Everlasting Monument

With so much that goes into planning a funeral, important things like choosing a memorial, or monument can become overlooked. Elephas Group takes you through the steps of choosing a fitting monument in this article Read this Elephas Group article here.

funeral purposeFinal Needs Planning Program – Who are funerals actually for?

Are funerals for the living or the dead? This question has stumped many from time to time. We explore this topic and explain why funerals are so important for those left behind. Read this Final Needs Planning Program article here.

Mondaq – It’s Your Funeral, But Who Calls the Shots?”

When we plan our funerals in advance, we relieve our family members of administrative duties at the time of loss. This blog post explores what happens when a funeral isn’t arranged prior to the passing. Read this article here.

funeral stressElephas Group –
The Most Common Causes of Funeral Stress

Navigating personal relationships while planning a funeral can be tricky. The best way to avoid any unpleasantness with others, it’s best to be as prepared as possible. The following article outlines the major causes of funeral stress, and explores how it can best be avoided. Read this Elephas Group article here.

funeral planning newsFinal Needs Planning Program – Planning A Funeral?  Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Due to the many elements involved in a funeral, there can be room for error. When we plan the final event in one’s life, we should be sure that we ensure that the following mistakes don’t happen. Read this Article here.

funeral planCBC NewsWhat you need to know before arranging a funeral

It’s important to know your rights as a consumer when it comes to purchasing your funeral. This CBC Marketplace report reminds consumers to know their rights, know their options, and how to ensure you aren’t beholden to unfair prices.Read this CBC Marketplace report here.

funeral arrangementsFinal Needs Planning ProgramTMHow to keep up with the rising costs of Canadian Funerals.

There are many contributing factors to the rising costs of Canadian funerals. In order to stay top of them we need to have a better understanding of our financial situation, what is available to us, and how we can budget for the increasing value of a modern funeral service.Read this Final Needs Planning Program article here.

funeral flowersElephas Group – Choosing the right floral arrangement for a funeral service

There are so many elements to choose between when planning a funeral service. Knowing that the best-planned funerals lie in the details, this Elephas Group blog post compiles some helpful advice you can really use to get the best fitting floral arrangement.Read this Final Needs Planning Program article here.

canadian pension plan death benefits Metro News – Canadians have a poor understanding of the Canadian Pension Plan

The CPP only covers up to around $2,500 for funeral expenses. However, many Canadians aren’t sure of the benefits they are entitled to. This article reviews how little Canadians actually know about their pension plan.Read this Metro News article here.

funeral expenseFinal Needs Planning ProgramTMHow to Avoid Unnecessary Funeral Expenses

When we plan our families funeral, we have such little time to prepare for such a large expense. This Final Needs Planning Program blog expands on a story of the Graham family who has less than favourable luck after they planned their funeral. Read this Final Needs Planning Program blog post here.

funeral alternativesGlobal News – Don’t want to be buried or cremated? 5 funeral and burial alternatives

Over the past few decades, cremation has become the most popular choice for Canadians. With trends seemingly on the rise and the desire for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, perhaps we can see one of these 5 cremation and burial alternatives become more commonplace in the future. Read this Global News story here.

private funerals Elephas Group- Pros & Cons of Planning Private Funerals

There are many reasons why private funerals work, but also many reasons why private funerals can be a poor decision. This is all of course depending on your relationships between family and friends as well as several other unique scenarios. This article explains the potential pros and cons of each choice. Read this Elephas Group blog here.

Elephas Group – When Should I Start Planning A Funeral In Advance?

When is the right time to start planning your funeral? In this article from Elephas Group, we learn how most plans are made after certain triggering events (reaching a certain age, sudden illness, getting married, etc) and how to know when the best time to start planning is. Read this Elephas Group blog post here.

CBC – More Families Are Live-Streaming Their Funerals

Every so often, a trend emerges in the funeral industry and contributes to the funeral customs we are familiar with today. Over the past decades, the way we share information online has changed several aspects of our day to day lives. Now in death, sharing live video is starting to become more commonplace at funerals. Read this CBC blog post here. – Tragic woman, 20, plans her own funeral so she can fulfil last wish to ‘die beautiful’

Excerpt: 20 year-old Racine Pregunta was the victim of bone cancer. When discussing funeral plans with her family, she discussed that she wanted to “die, Beautiful”. “Die Beautiful” is a 2016 hit Filipino comedy where the winner of a beauty pageant dies wearing their crown. The funeral arrangements were then personalised to her request. Read this MSN article here.

PHYS.ORG: 4,000 Year-Old Funeral Garden Found In Egypt

The history of funerals dates back thousands and thousands of years. Even today, new discoveries are being made. On May 4th, researchers in Egypt uncovered a funerary garden that dates back 4,000 years. This is the first documented funerary garden to be discovered in history. Read this PHYS.ORG article here.

Final Needs Planning ProgramTM-  A Funeral Planning Checklist

When we start to think about the amount of required to start planning a funeral, it can be very intimidating. This helpful checklist put together by the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM lays out all of the tasks that need to be taken care of. Having a checklist is a great way to ensure nothing is forgotten and everything goes smoothly. Read this Final Needs Planning Program blog post here.

Elephas Group – 5 Common Misconceptions About The Funeral Planning Industry

Excerpt: There’s understandably a lot many people don’t know about funerals as death isn’t a popular conversation starter. Thus, many have formed their own perceptions of the funeral planning industry either by talking with friends or looking online. This blog post from Elephas Group helps to point out some popular misconceptions that many have made. Read this Elephas Group blog post here.

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  • Elephas Group
    Elephas Group is a family-owned business operating in Canada. They provide help and advice for those dealing with loss and individuals looking to make their own personal final arrangements.
  • Final Needs Planning ProgramTM
    The Final Needs Planning ProgramTM is Ontario’s premier funeral plan provider. Talk with one of their agents today to start planning ahead today.
  • Final Needs Planning Guide
    Funeral planning can seem very complicated on the surface. The Final Needs Planning Guide helps by answering some of the most pressing questions people have when looking for funeral plans.

cremation ashes Scattering Ashes in Ontario

The dos and don’ts of scattering ashes in Ontario.

As cottagers, we can understand why anyone would want their remains scattered in nature. But for the loved ones left behind, this simple practice can lead to questions, concerns, and unexpected outcomes. Since the last thing you want is to run afoul of the law during an already difficult time, we consulted with the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO). The BAO’s main mandate is consumer protection and ensuring that people understand their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with funeral homes and other licensed organizations. The BAO helps you determine what you can and can’t do when honouring someone’s final wishes to have their ashes scattered in Ontario.

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Young people want to have their ashes made into vinyl record or diamond.

However one in three of the more modest older generation are happy to have no lasting memorial when they shuffle off this mortal coil.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study also found the “selfie generation” – those under the age of 25 – are twice as likely to want a gravestone as the over-55s.  Read more of this Article here.


Feds want more Low-Income Seniors to take Advantage of Benefit Program

OTTAWA—Seniors’ mailboxes will be blitzed in the coming weeks with federal reminders to file their taxes on time as part of a government bid to get more low-income seniors into an old age benefit program.

Tens of thousands of letters will go to Canadians over 65 years old, as well as those within one year of turning 65, explaining that they could be eligible for the low-income supplement on top of old age security.  Read more of this Article here.